Our Team 

With our office located in the Rwanda’s capital of Kigali, and working towards a green, climate-resilient and a sustainable future;  our young and dynamic team is a positive impact-oriented and our advisor experts are from the global development community of professionals.




Emmanuel Sindikubwabo

Executive Director 

Devotha Mukandahiro

Finance & Administration Officer 

Felix Mihigo

Chief Operating Officer


dedicated climate crisis advocate. a mechanical engineer and sustainable energy professional, with particular interests in the nexus around youth-women-clean energy-water-food-ecosystem restoration-green jobs to break the cycle of climate-induced extreme poverty, achieve equity, justice and quality life in Rwanda and the developing world.

Devotha is a finance and accounting professional with over six years of experience. Most of her time at We Do GREEN is spent ensuring that WDGO’s finances are properly managed to achieve organizational goals and objectives. She oversees finances & budgets, human resources, general administration, and public relations.
Prior to joining WDGO, Devotha has worked with the Bank of Kigali, MTN Rwanda, and the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda. She brings a combined experience in project management, financial management, and service delivery with special interests around climate-induced poverty for rural women in Rwanda.


An experienced environmental management professional, specialized in Solid and hazardous waste management and an authorized junior environmental expert in Rwanda. He aspires a clean, green, sustainable and climate-resilient Rwanda and the world.



Serge Senga Hategekimana

Program Officer

 Sarai Hertz- Velazquez 

Former Intern

A passionate environmental activist and young engineer. With copious experience in youth and community engagement, education and empowerment towards ecological stewardship and sustainability role models. he believes youth now have potentials to restore our degrading earth and can leave it a better place.

Advisor Experts

 Dr Rebecca L. Farnum, LLM, PhD

 Dr Brigitte Nyirambangutse, PhD

Rebecca L Farnum is an environmental peacebuilding researcher and educator. She works at the intersections of environmental activism, conflict resolution, and capacity-building with a particular passion for justice and equity, leveraging academia for public service and policy impact. Her work has included contributing to United Nations and International Law Commission policy on environmental peacebuilding; engaging underrepresented students in university learning through Widening Participation initiatives; and supporting government transparency through a stint with Michelle Obama’s Correspondence Team at The White House.

Becca is currently based at Syracuse University London, where she promotes environmental justice and global citizenship. Her portfolio includes teaching the university’s first Indigenous Studies course abroad; leading field studies in
Copenhagen, Flåm, Stockholm, and Inari exploring sustainability in Northern Europe; and strengthening the University’s special relationship with Lockerbie


Brigitte Nyirambangutse is a senior Officer in GGGI Rwanda Program, and is currently based in Kigali, Rwanda. At her current role, she provides substantive inputs and analyses to the development, delivery, and assessment of the GGGI-Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) project and activities in Rwanda; organizing project activities across the spectrum of climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, capacity building and project specific knowledge and development.

She is as well identifying specific project initiatives where green growth can be most effectively achieved, particularly in the areas of green cities development, sustainable land use, sustainable integrated water management, waste management, renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable forests management, including afforestation and reforestation, reduction of forests degradation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks and GHG emission reduction.  Brigitte studied in Scotland, the UK and Sweden. She holds a PhD in natural sciences, with specilization in Environmental Sciences, and a Master of Research (MRes) in Environmental Biology.